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syn•er•gy: two forces working together to create something greater than itself.

Spoon and Stable seeks to break boundaries by creating inspiring experiences for our hometown of Minneapolis, the culinary community, and for each other. It is with great excitement that we present The Synergy Series.

This year, Gavin and his team will work in synergy with four guest chefs to provide the experience, food and hospitality they execute on a daily basis in their Michelin starred restaurants in New York City.

chef michael white

Head Chef and Owner of the Altamarea Group, which is composed of the restaurants Marea, Ai Fiori, Osteria Morini, Nicoletta, Costata and The Butterfly in New York, Osteria Morini and Due Mari in New Jersey, and Al Molo in Hong Kong.


synergy date 1: thursday, april 28, 2016  — sold out —
synergy date 2:
 friday, april 29, 2016   — sold out —

chef michael anthony

Executive Chef and Partner of Gramercy Tavern, as well as Executive Chef and Managing Director of Untitled and Studio Cafe at the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Union Square Hospitality Group


synergy date 1: thursday, june 16, 2016   — sold out —
synergy date 2: friday, june 17, 2016  — sold out —

chef april bloomfield

In February 2004, April and restaurateur Ken Friedman opened New York City’s first gastropub, The Spotted Pig. Under April’s direction, The Spotted Pig has earned one star from the Michelin Guide for six consecutive years, and since 2010, April & Ken’s The Breslin Bar & Dining Room also earned a star in the esteemed guidebook. A Food & Wine “Best New Chef,” April continues to receive widespread attention for her food.


synergy date 1: thursday, october 13, 2016  — sold out —
synergy date 2: friday, october 14, 2016  — sold out —

chef daniel boulud

Chef-Owner of several award-winning restaurants and the Feast & Fêtes catering company. While he hails from Lyon, France, it is in New York that he has truly mastered the dining scene and is today considered one of America’s leading culinary authorities. Raised on his family’s farm in the village of Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu, the chef remains inspired by the rhythm of the seasons and menus driven by fine ingredients. Since arriving in the US in 1982, Boulud has become renowned for the contemporary appeal he adds to soulful cooking rooted in French tradition.


synergy date 1: thursday, december 15, 2016  — sold out —
synergy date 2: friday, december 16, 2016  — sold out —

We are offering guests two options for their dining experience, the choice of main dining room seating ($295 per guest) as well as the opportunity to purchase front row seats at our chef’s counter ($395 per guest), creating a rare opportunity for guests to interact with the Chefs and their teams.

Each ticket includes a multi-course dinner with beverage pairings and all service fees (tax and tip). Tickets will be available 60 days in advance of each dinner; we are unable to provide refunds or accept cancellations.

Spoon and Stable’s bar will remain open to the general public and will be seated on a first come first served basis. The chef in residence will offer a menu item of their choosing to be served exclusively in the bar.

The Twin Cities are our home. Spoon and Stable will donate twenty-five percent of the proceeds of each Synergy Series dinner to a different charity partner in order to give back to the community that supports us.

Children’s Cancer Research Fund invests in bold and new ideas that revolutionize the way childhood cancer is treated. Over the past 34 years, we’ve provided more than $130 million for childhood cancer research, education and quality-of-life services for patients and families, helping increase the survival rate to 80 percent. However, cancer remains the nation’s leading cause of death by disease among children. Our work is not finished until every child facing cancer becomes a healthy survivor.

Angel Foundation helps adults and their families manage emotional and economic challenges due to cancer. Our Emergency Financial Assistance program helps adults with cancer with basic, nonmedical expenses including housing, food, utilities and fuel to ease their financial burden and reserve more energy for self-care and healing. Additionally, Angel Foundation’s Facing Cancer Together program provides education and support for families with a parental cancer diagnosis and school-age children to help them meet the challenges of cancer together.

Angel Foundation was formed in 2001, and since that time, the organization has provided $6 million in emergency financial assistance and more than 25,000 services to individuals in the community.

PACER Center serves all children and youth, including those with any disability. Recognized as “Champions for Children with Disabilities,” PACER provides individual assistance, workshops, publications, and other resources to help families make decisions about education and other services for their child or young adult with disabilities. Innovative resources for students, parents, educators, and others are also offered through PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

We are committed to using food as a vehicle for social change. We believe when families reclaim the kitchen as a place to bond with and educate their children, communities become stronger and more equipped for the struggles of daily life. Bringing people together around food is one way to build community for creating social, racial and economic justice and change.

Appetite For Change uses food as a tool building health, wealth, and social change in North Minneapolis. AFC is a community-led organization that strengthens families, creates economic prosperity, and encourages healthy living.

Spoon and Stable
211 N. 1st Street
Minneapolis, MN


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